Eye Make Up Tip – Eye Make Up Technique & Eye Make Up Application Tip

Eye Make Up Tip – How To Apply Eye Make Up

When it comes to cosmetics, eye make up can create many illusions. Eye shadow can add depth to your eyes. Eye liner can be use to create an illusion that your eyes are bigger, more oval, rounder, closer, or farther apart. And, mascara to make your lashes appear thicker and longer.

Eye make up can range from a soft ‘nude’ look to a ‘smoky eye’ effect. The effect you want your eye shadow to create depends on how you want to draw attention to your eyes or how it compliments the rest of your make up.

Eye Make Up Technique – Applying Eye Make Up

When applying eye make up, there is a simple rule to follow. The lighter color opens up your eyes so it’s kept farther away from your lashes. The darker color makes your eyes appear deeper so it’s apply closer to your lashes.

Eye Make Up Application Tip – Eye Make Up Idea

Here are some ways to achieve a few classic eye looks.

Soft “nude” look – Soft neutral shade quietly attract attention to your eyes.

  1. Apply a light neutral shade eye shadow on your upper lids and into the crease.

  2. Apply brown or black mascara.

Soft and More Modern Eye Look – To achieve this look you will need two eye shadow shades. A lighter shade to open up your eyes, and a darker shade to make your eyes appear deeper.

  1. Apply the lighter eye shadow shades onto your upper lids and into the crease.

  2. With the darker shade, draw a line along the base of your upper lids and along the outer corner of your lower lids.

  3. Gently smudge to soften the lines.

  4. Apply mascara.



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