A Sapelo Sunset…


Sapelo (pronounced SAP-eh-low) was the name of my grandparent’s

I thought it sounded good attached to “Appaloosas.”

Sapelo Appaloosas…

And that’s how I named my farm.


Sapelo consists of 40 acres, with 35 of those acres currently
dedicated to hay fields.

The two barns that house the horses are creatively
described as

“The Old Barn” and “The New Barn”.

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The ” was built of native lumber in the early
1920’s. During its history this barn has provided shelter for dairy
cattle, feeder steers, pigs, and even turkeys. It is now constantly undergoing
conversion to more efficiently house horses.


Built in 1997, the ” boasts
a 12×16 foaling
stall (with closed circuit TV),
six 12×12 box stalls, attached wooden paddocks for snacking on, a heated tack room and rest room, and a heated “water closet”
for the pump and hose.
And one very  territorial barn cat, Flake.


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