Hair Growth Product for Women

A Revolution in Hair Growth Products for Women

When men suffer from hair loss they do not necessarily have to treat it. They can hide it with a baseball hat, or they can wear one of the fake looking toupees that they sell at a variety of men stores across the country, or they can do absolutely nothing at all and still maintain at least some of the self confidence that had before they started losing their hair.

Women, on the other hand, have a great deal of their self confidence tied into the way that their hair looks. They cannot simply hide it with a hat. And most wigs made for women do not look at all real. One woman suffers from hair loss she is going to need some type of hair growth product for women, because doing nothing is not an answer.

Hair Growth Products for Women

Even though female hair loss can be in many ways considered worse than male hair loss for the reasons mentioned above, most hair loss treatments have been designed for men because men tend to experience hair loss more often. The problem with this is that female hair loss is caused by something completely different than what causes male hair loss. That means women cannot use the same products as men because the underlying cause of the hair loss is different.

Male hair loss tends to be due to a hormone known as DHT which is the result of excess testosterone combining with an enzyme located in the male body. Female hair loss is most often do to hormones changing in the woman”s body. When those hormones change the body loses the ability to process its nutrients and the amino acids that are necessary for growing hair are unable to synthesize.

Since this is a completely different problem than what causes male hair loss any hair growth product for women needs to address this nutrient issue rather than prevent DHT from being created.

One of the best products for doing this, and the only hair growth product for women that is virtually guaranteed to help a woman”s hair regain its natural health and beauty, is known as Sephren. Sephren is a safe and natural female hair growth supplement that combines dozens of effective ingredients that are known to help treat female hair loss. It is the best hair growth product for women available, and one of the only completely natural products shown to be as effective as many of the chemical treatments.

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