administers and markets a wide range of ground-breaking subscription-based
health care service programs. HealthSound programs were developed
to assist consumers in defraying their direct out of pocket
healthcare expenses. The HealthSound suite of services provide
a low priced alternative to traditional health insurance and
HMO programs.

and its partners have negotiated bulk discount rates directly
with health care providers. These discounted rates enable
our members to save money at the point of service with our
325,000 affiliated healthcare providers. HealthSound tailors
it services to meet the needs of the millions of Americans
who lack health insurance and are burdened with the responsibility
to pay for their own healthcare costs directly. HealthSound
programs include access to a discounted physician and dental
network, discounts on prescription pharmaceuticals, vision
care, hearing care and chiropractic services. HealthSound
is based in Los Angeles, California.

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