Total Health Turnaround

When it comes to ” you won’t find a single drug in sight! The years of masking symptoms with drugs are over. It’s time to put the terrific power of Mother Nature to work. And that’s exactly how this program can work to restore balance and rejuvenate your health. And it does it in THREE specific ways.

” gives you scores of delicious, power-packed foods designed to help you balance your hormones, fix your faltering adrenals, overcome nutrition deficiencies, and more!

Some of the flavor-packed foods include tasty cuts of beef, delicious seafood recipes, and mouthwatering soup dishes. Palate-pleasing stews, curries, and chili dishes. Health-boosting breakfast foods. Snacks that will have you salivating. Scrumptious smoothies, mixed berry muffins, glazed pineapple cupcakes, almond berry crisp, fruit crumbles, and many more. In fact, you get …

50 delicious recipes that are bursting with flavor and nutrients. Each one is designed to please your palate, assist your adrenals, and boost your health back to what it used to be.

” gives you more than 39 easy exercises that almost anyone can do — no matter what your age or fitness level. These exercises are so gentle and so effortless, many people think they shouldn’t work … but they do!

Exercises that help fight stress and boost your mood … assist your adrenals and speed repair … help your heart and your mind … soothe your joints, increase your range of motion, fight pain, and increase stability and posture. And the best part is, they’re so simple, anyone can do them — and it takes just minutes per day to feel the benefits.

” completes the healing process with many of today’s most powerful healing herbs and natural wonders. Exercise and nutrition can work wonders for your health, as we’ve seen. But when you add in a combination of powerful healing herbs, the health benefits can take a giant leap forward. They’re natural, and above all, the remedies you’ll hear about have been shown to work in case after case. And they’re the final piece of the puzzle for turning around adrenal fatigue and restoring your health in short order. You’ll hear about …

Two herbs that can work as well as drugs for anxiety. The natural flu remedy that fights fatigue. The Asian herb that helps curb food cravings. The herb that helps beat depression and insomnia. The migraine-erasing herb. And so many more to help fight diabetes … high blood pressure … weight gain … and so much more.

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