All Natural Hair Regrowth Supplement

All Natural vs. Chemical – The Choice is Obvious

You have two choices. You can go with Rogaine or one of the many other well known chemical hair loss treatments, or you can go with an all natural hair regrowth supplement. Which do you choose?

The choice should be simple. Assuming they are both equally as effective as each other, you always want to go with the all natural hair regrowth supplement. It should not even be a question.

Yet still, so many people continue to make the wrong decision. They consistently make Propecia based products the number one type of hair loss treatment, even though there are several health risks associated with the chemical formula.


Since Dihydrotestosterone is a converted form of testosterone, Propecia based medications lower your testosterone levels to reduce the likelihood of creating Dihydrotestosterone. This drop in one of the key bodily androgens has side effects. Not only side effects, but possible long term health consequences that won’t be known for several decades since it the products are fairly new.

And the short term side effects are upsetting enough. Taking those products means you are putting yourself at risk for sexual dysfunction and other possible side effects like energy loss. Not exactly the side effects you want to experience when the only problem you are treating is a loss of hair.

All Natural Hair Regrowth Supplements

The all natural method, however, is considerably safer. Side effect free, an all natural hair regrowth supplement gives you the same benefits as you would receive from the chemical products but without the risk.

Remember, you both have to commit to a supplement for a long period of time before you even know if it will work (at least six months to a year) and you also have to commit to it for the rest of your life when it does work. That is a lot of commitment you have to make for a supplement that could have side effects.

That is why it simply makes no sense to go with a chemical formula. They put your health at risk in order to solve a non-health related problem. Yes, they are effective, but there are many all natural hair regrowth supplements, like ” that are equally as effective and completely side effect free. Rather that put your health in the hands of a pharmaceutical company, take a product like Procerin instead so that you do not have to suffer the same health risks in order to get the same positive results.

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