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3 Female Hair Regrowth Treatments

Because natural medicine has become so popular, there have been a large number of “pseudo-medicines” that have hit the market that are significantly less effective but sound as though they make good options for stopping hair loss. There are only a few genuinely good types of female regrowth supplement and although many of these may sound as though they are great options, they are usually just a placebo when it comes to helping your hair. Strange Alternatives to a Female Regrowth Supplement

  • Egg Whites

Some places, especially online, tell you that a great home remedy for hair loss is to straight egg whites out of the egg, clean them up (make sure there are no pieces of shell or yolk), and rub them into your scalp near the roots.

There are a lot of interesting theories about why this works, but it doesn’t work very well. It is known to get hair to grow slightly shinier, and you are putting some proteins in your hair that will help it become maybe slightly stronger, but alone this is not going to do much of anything and there is a lot of doubt that it works at all. A female regrowth supplement makes far more sense.

  • Aromatherapy

Another popular, new option is to start using aromatherapy. The hope is that with these smells all around you, your hairs will be stimulated to the point of growing stronger.

Sadly, like egg whites, this tends to be more hope than reality. Your hairs themselves are not a living organism that can be exciting by a scent – your follicles may be considered a living organism, but they need food to grow stronger which is only possible with something like a female regrowth supplement. Aromatherapy may be able to calm you if you are upset about your hair loss, but it is not a solution for it.

Female Regrowth Supplement

Your only truly good option is a female regrowth supplement. These are designed to be effective at preventing hair loss because they provide your hair with the nutrients in needs to grow stronger. It stimulates hair growth with hair food, rather than simply depending on the hair follicles to stimulate themselves – which they cannot do without nutrients anyway.

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