Sports utility vehicles and fuel mileage

Sports Utility Vehicles And Fuel Mileage – Striking The Ideal Balance Between Power And Economy

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about technology, it’s that cell phones keep on to get smaller, but SUVs get bigger. Why do you suppose this is? Now, I can understand the usefulness of a compact mobile phone, but why do SUVs need to be so large? Are American families really that big? Not from what I have seen. In fact, statistics demonstrate that the average American family is getting smaller. Folks are not having as many children as they used to. Heck, who can afford it? Now, this brings me to gas mileage. Clearly some modern cars get terrible fuel mileage. The majority of them fit in the Sports utility vehicle category. Particularly since nobody can afford those German and Italian sports cars. So how do normal middle class individuals and families pay for such awful fuel bills? I am not so sure many of them can at this point. If that were the case, car companies would not be coming out with more economical models for example the Rav-4 and Honda Element. I think folks are now on the look-out for the very best fuel mileage SUV.

By now you’ve seen some of the hybrids out there. These are the cars that run on fuel and battery power. It sounds a little bit funny, but you just may like it. As your vehicle burns fuel, it charges the battery, and then the battery takes over for a while. Pretty spiffy if you are looking to save on gas. In addition to this nuance, automotive businesses are trying to produce the very best gas mileage SUV. Naturally they all want to compete for the top spot and gain the clients’ devotion. Right now the Honda CR-V, Lexus RX 330, Mitsubishi Outlander, Ford Escape, and the Toyota Highlander are each in the game. These autos a little domestic to wind up on a show like Top Gear, but then, Top Gear doesn’t feature automobiles you could drive in the real world. If you are looking for cars you can utilize for the family, not to be shown on Top Gear, then you could do worse than these Sports utility vehicles. These Sports utility vehicles are lacking nothing as far as a contemporary sport utility car is concerned, but won’t break your budget.

You might as well keep away from those gorgeous H2s if you are in search of the best gas mileage SUV. You might have to take a step downward to the H3 for better gas mileage. Usually the larger scale vehicle you go to, the more money it costs to fill that tank. Not to mention the huge V8s they stick in them. These engines are gas hogs! So when you’re out doing a little bit of window shopping, remember that bigger isn’t always better when it relates to Sports utility vehicles.

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