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This year we saw the best Robin van Persie in the Premier League drastic, pick up the goals as worthless. This year we have also seen the worst of Robin van Persie, his state in the doldrums in the European Cup first round of the face of the Danish team game, waves shot numerous. This relates to the group stages Guanjianyizhan, the Dutch team to lose a little temper, but Robin van Persie has said goodbye to the worst from the best is still lagging behind, but he can proudly leave the court.Netherlands VS Germany, which is the highest peak of the contest the team of the minds of many people. Before the victory of Libra completely tendency Germany, the Netherlands, the first round was upset the team internal contradictions into the open, intense, no one seems able to control the developments. Led the team to World Cup runner-up success in South Africa, Van Marwijk become common knowledge out accompanied by no accident the group stage of the marshals of the class. Key players such as Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben for the first match defeat to blame, in particular, is simply poor Robin van Persie in the first round to the extreme.Easily into the 30 goals in the Premier League,EURO 2012 Jerseys Robin van Persie how the national team into the ball so hard? Is the guard suddenly become more powerful? Is clearly not the Danish guard combination Liverpool + the level of Rome, Robin van Persie ability to hard to eat them there is no pressure. Obviously their own problems, difficult to stability thoughts lead to civil unrest rumors state of decline. Today’s game the Netherlands continue to follow the downturn, and one up was the sworn enemy of the German team played not find the North, Robben is totally ineffective. But Van Persie did not like lying down, he has been trying to find the opportunity to break theThe first half of the Dutch team is almost completely suppressed, the only chance from the industrious Robin van Persie. But the play is clearly not enough to save a whole team into a quicksand, Robin van Persie more helplessness and self-blame. The second half of Van Marwijk to make a stroke, lost dead come Huntelaar and Van der Vaart. Robin van Persie’s position followed to make the changes came to the team’s left wing position. Away from the goal, the team has two goals down and be much better stimulate Cheap EURO 2012 Jerseysthe fighting spirit of Robin van Persie.While Loew look easily replaced hero Gomez, he certainly has all of the state of mind into the next game. Robin van Persie but why can the German tense again, his goal fully reflects the personal ability, once the Germans all the players nerves twisted into a wave group. But Robin van Persie is only one example, other teammates failed to bounce back and find the state, the Dutch team’s offensive thunder and heavy rain, not substantive threat.Not surprisingly, the Netherlands will play out in this group, the Oranje after all, ushered in the large-scale reshuffle. In any case the important choice of Robin van Persie are the Netherlands, although he also has a state of instability and to grasp the opportunity to the poor, but the crucial moment, the Dutch team come forward to create surprises, but only Van Persie can do. Netherlands, this one of the worst out of people sympathized with Van Persie scored the first ball of the current European Cup personal how much is a comfort.Group B focus of a battle between the two giants of Germany and the Netherlands. The final German team 2-1 victory over the Dutch team. The game, the Netherlands midfielder Wesley Sneijder, lackluster, if he passed the last round game against Denmark kicks strike the game in addition to the once fairly threatening shot, Sneijder’s performance be satisfactory. This also led to the Dutch team has offensive players in Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben and Huntelaar has as yet failed to open hit the door of the German team, and ultimately relying solely on Robin van Persie’s personal ability to harvest a goal.Before the end of the game, Portugal, with Varela’s lore 3:2 victory over the Danish team, so the Netherlands became the only team to win in the Group B, which undoubtedly gave the soldiers of orange clothing is not a small pressure. Dutch legend Johan Cruyff has said before, the Dutch team’s loss to Denmark, the main reason is as an attacking midfielder Youth EURO 2012 JerseysWesley Sneijder ball too little. The game, Sneijder get a lot of ball, but the performance is still not up to expectations.Beginning of the game, the Dutch team Sneijder scheduling, basic control of the midfield. Opening only two minutes, the Dutch team on the right attack, Robben the ball to advance to the midfield, Mark van Bommel collusion knock to Sneijder Sneijder mentioned on the top of the arc near reached the restricted area, Robin van Persie shot the ball goalkeeper confiscated. The first three minutes, Sneijder the ball to the left, could not pass the ball out of bounds. Since then, the German team gradually control the pace of the game, while the Dutch team’s offensive focus has shifted to the Robben is located on the right, Persie also retracement of the ball, Sneijder ball opportunities are rare.13 minutes, Sneijder sent in the left corner, Mathijsen top side. After three minutes, the Dutch team again for a corner, Sneijder the ball after a penalty, either teammates or opponents have not touched the ball, Wholesale EURO 2012 Jerseysthe ball fine bottom line. The first 18 minutes, Sneijder corner kick again copy this process. The first 23 minutes, Gomez Germany played to score, Dutch team still could not organize a decent attack. 29 minutes, Sneijder pass to Robben, Robben hit the door He Dila blocked, Neuer the ball confiscated. 37 minutes Gomez will be the court rewrite the score 2:0, the Netherlands has gradually stepped up the offensive, but with little success. 40 minutes, Sneijder out a corner to rescue out by Muller, the German team fought back immediately, the results Boateng’s shot missed.

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