Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Ovarian cancer is the cancer of the ovaries. It is composed of different tumors grouped together that appear from the different types of tissue within the ovary. It is ranked seventh as the most common cancer in women in the United States alone and not yet counting the significant numbers from other countries.

They are not usually not seen in the early stages but more often than not, this is only noticed when it is already in its advanced stage. Ovarian cancer has widely spread causing them to be the fifth in leading cancer caused deaths among women that’s why ovarian cancer treatment is very important. The epithelial cells, which is the outside layer of the cell is where the most common kind of ovarian cancer appears. Others develop from egg-forming germ cells and even from the stroma (supporting tissue) of the organ.
Ovarian Cancer Treatment

As of now, there are three major types of ovarian cancer treatment used to fight it. Other treatments are now available but these three are the most popular and important treatments because of their effectiveness towards curing the disease.

1. SURGERY. In surgery, the cancer is first removed from the ovary and then at many other possible sites. Almost every woman must undergo surgery. Surgery diagnoses and determines the stage ad type of cancer present. This ovarian cancer treatment eliminates as much cancer in every possible way it can.

2. CHEMOTHERAPY. Chemotherapy is another ovarian cancer treatment that is widely used. This kind of treatment mainly uses drugs to kill cancer cells. These drugs work by preventing the multiplication of the cancer cells since they tend to grow and divide quickly unlike any normal cells. Though this procedure considered to be effective in many ways, it still bring various side effects to the patient, such as:

– Diarrhea
– Vomiting
– Nausea
– Hand and foot rashes
– Hair loss
– Mouth sores
– Tiredness
– Kidney or nerve damage
– Anemia
– Loss of appetite
– Thrombocytopenia – the decreasing number of platelets, resulting to bleeding
– Leukopenia – decreasing number of white blood cells, resulting to infection

3. RADIATION TREATMENT. Radiation treatment is only used in certain instances. This ovarian cancer treatment uses high energy x-rays that kills the cancer cells and shrinks the tumors. But like chemotherapy, it also introduces side effects to the body like:ovara

– Nausea
– Tiredness
– Diarrhea
– Skin irritation
– Abdominal pain
– Obstruction of the small bowel
– Irritable bladder
– Skin darkening at the treatment site
– Oedema or swelling

Thankfully, these types of ovarian cancer treatment have saved and will save more lives. The advancement in medical technology have helped a lot in curing the ovarian cancer.

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