Why Knowing Family History is Important Health

Do you hate it when you have to fill the form in the doctor’s office regarding whether your grandmother had breast cancer or how old your uncle John from your father’s side was when he died? Believe it or not, such questions can make it easier for the doctor to review your case and treat your problems. Everyday, new information is being derived from the field of genetics on how our family history and health are closely related. So if you are serious about your health, and want to have a long, healthy life, it is very important to dig around the family tree, so as to speak.

Here are some medical issues you should especially look out for:

* Cancer: It is most often seen that women from the same family suffer from breast cancer and other female specific cancers. So it is very important that you know about your family history if you see your aunt, female first cousins and even female second cousins, from both father’s and mother’s side, suffering from breast or cervical cancer. Note down how many of your female relatives have such problems and if older relatives are present, ask about your previous generation. In many cases, that information may lead to the doctor to examine you thoroughly which may detect cancer in your body that is hard to detect in the earlier stage. Most often, cases of cancer are treatable when detected in the earliest stage and thus save life. Even if your family does not show such history, still you need to modify your lifestyle so as to minimize the risk of getting this disease.

* Diabetics: This is another genetically related disease which you should be looking into even if you are healthy and in prime of your life. The chances of you suffering from diabetics increases if your parent was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetics before they turned 50. So if you know your family history, you can be alert from an early stage and maintain a lifestyle that will help to fight this killer disease. You can even protect and prolong the lifespan of your children by making sure that they don’t suffer from obesity in childhood and that they know how to maintain a healthy eating habit and lifestyle.

* Osteoporosis: Did your grandmother often fall down and break her bones in her advance age? Then it is time you took a deeper look into your bones. It is seen that women suffering from osteoporosis could have lowered their risk if they took proper care in the early days of their life. If you have not hit menopause, then make sure you are taking in calcium in the right amounts from now on.

We can’t change the genes we are born with. But by knowing our family’s medical history, we can avoid the misfortunes and diseases that women in our family have suffered for ages. So take out the notebook and start learning about your family’s medical history today.

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