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An oral surgeon is not just a dentist. These people are highly trained and to be able to practice in oral surgery, they must have a degree in both medicine and dentistry. The reason for this is that they will be dealing with more complicated issues that can arise with people’s mouths or faces. Although highly trained, an oral surgeon York PA will also work alongside other specialists such as radiologists, neurosurgeons, orthodontists and plastic surgeons in order to treat people who have serious problems with their jaws, face or mouth.

The type of work this sort of surgeon will undertake covers a wide range and it can be anything from re-building a broken tooth to major surgery on a broken jaw. They also help people who are born with certain ailments such as hare lips and cleft palates. If you happen to be unlucky enough to contract cancer of the mouth or face an oral surgeon will help by removing any tumors in these areas.

Don’t think this type of surgeon cannot help when it comes to your teeth they are, after all experts in the field of dentistry. If you have problems with something called “impacted teeth” which means they have erupted downwards or sideways an oral surgeon York PA can help. They will also sort out long-term issues with the jaw which are causing the patient a good deal of pain. It might be that the patient has a jaw which clicks, in which case a surgeon of this sort will help correct the problem.

If you’re looking to have teeth implants, this type of surgeon will be able to help. Many people are choosing this option when it comes to teeth restoration simply because once they’re fitted others cannot tell the difference between their real teeth and the implants.

Because oral surgeons are qualified in both dentistry and medicine they can also do certain plastic surgery procedures. If you have been in a car accident or have suffered violence which has resulted in trauma to your face an oral surgeon can help re-construct your face, they will also help with any cosmetic procedures you may be looking for. The sort of plastic surgery procedures a surgeon of this type will normally undertake are face-lifts, surgery to the nose, Botox and laser surgery for facial blemishes .

The fact is that whatever your problem might be with your mouth, jaw or face an oral surgeon may well be your first port of call. As said, they are highly trained and it takes many years for them to become qualified. It’s actually not uncommon for someone to qualify as a dentist and practice in this area before they then decide to move into oral surgery.

People that work in this field know how serious both mouth and facial issues can be, and how they can impact on a person’s life. Having problems with your face can be real issue in terms of self-esteem and a surgeon of this type will take the time to talk with you so you get the best from surgery.

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