Seek Medical Advice Before You Quit Smoking With Lobelia

To break the habit of smoking is not as easy as everyone thinks it is as most people have tried time and again and always return to the habit but now you can try and quit smoking with lobelia. Your nicotine craving remains with you for the rest of your life and it is not the actual cigarette that you crave it is only the nicotine which has a hold over you.

A very strong smelling herb called Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) of which only the leaves and tops of the plant are used have similar effects as a cigarette would. Many smokers have had success in that they have stopped smoking when they used lobelia as this herb tastes like tobacco and also leaves that burning acid taste in the mouth as well as increased the saliva in the mouth.

Lobelia comes in various different packaging such as lozenges which you can suck, liquid, tablets and capsules. One should not exceed the dosage which in 2mg and this should be taken three times a day with a glass of water only once you have eaten. This herb should be taken for no longer than six weeks and do not increase the daily dose as this herb is poisonous and one could end up with stomach complaints.

Lobelia in a way mimics nicotine in that is also has an effect on the central nervous system in that it has a relaxing and dilating effect on the bronchiole and this increases ones respiration. Medically lobelia has been used to treat asthma and muscles spasms as well as severe cases of bronchitis. Lobelia is also used to help create vomiting and is an ingredient found in all anti smoking agents.

Yes lobelia is a natural herb but like all medications it has its side effects which are rather harsh like palpitation of the heart, abdominal pain, profuse sweating and coughing, seizures and dizziness as well as chronic heartburn and tremors and should you be taking this herb and experience any of these symptoms make an appointment to see a professional immediately.

When one takes a high dose of lobelia you will experience a slow respiratory and pulse rate and on a low dose you will experience a much higher pulse and respiratory rate. One of the worst side effects which can result in death is muscle paralysis and respiratory depression and the person’s blood pressure will increase quite considerably.

Lobelia mixed with any other anti smoking therapy is a lethal combination. You need to discontinue the use of lobelia with immediate effect should you experience any of the mentioned side effects and seek professional help. One should never administer this herb to children or women that are expectant. This herb has not been researched to determine long term side effects so do not take it for longer than the stipulated time.

Other common names used for lobelia are eyebright, gag root, Indian tobacco, asthma weed and there are a few other names. When sold in its medicinal form the brand name will be either Bantron tablets, Lobelia Extract, Lobeline Lozenges, Lobelia capsules and also Lobidram Computabs. So if you decide to quit smoking with lobelia it would be wise to first consult with a medical practitioner. Smoking is a serious hazard and effects ones health long term and can also cause cancer of the lungs, esophageal, and mouth.

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