Risks and side effects of steroids

Non-prescribed usage of anabolic androgenic steroid review suggests that many psychiatric and behavioural complications have come into light. After experimental and observational layout research some of them very reportedly lethal. Study on human effects concerning to its side effects on the total well-being of the user. This drug is capable of changing blood lipid profile rapidly. A comparative study of psychiatric complications have been conducted in the past between weight-training individuals who use anabolic androgenic steroid and the ones who do not use show a demarcation drastically between the two. Hypomania and increased aggressiveness were reported under those heads that were using the drug.

Hormone replacement therapy side effects are numerous. Commonly endometrial cancer is reported in women after the HRT. After four or more years of therapy there are chances to get breast cancer in certain cases. Pain in the breast, nausea, mood swings, bloating and water retention, increased risk of gall bladder diseases, ovarian cancer, blood clotting, leg cramps, headache, indigestion, depression, acne, oily skin and backache are the one registered so far. Prescribed diet has got to play a lot of role in curing some of the side effects like oily skin, acne, cramps and indigestion.

Many women are reluctant to go for hormone replacement therapy due to various studies published over the last decade and the amount of negative publicity it has received. An alarming piece of information published was 60% of the users undergoing combined hormone replacement therapy for five years get into the risk ratio of getting breast cancer. Risks of hormone replacement therapy gets doubled if used it in combined ratio HRT as compared to those not taking it at all by 1.6%. Ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, stroke and heart attacks are also increased by some percent in those who are using HRT for five or more than five years.

After stopping the therapy levels although have been reported falling to normal. There are several problems arising out of testosterone levels remaining low for a longer duration due to the extensive use of dianabol. Sometimes testicles will atrophy implying losing its fullness due to prolonged use of dianabol. Say a complete no to this drug if you suffer from high blood pressure or cholesterol. The six well known Dianabol side-effects of notable worth include:
* Gynecomastia
* High Blood Pressure
* High LDL Cholesterol
* Low HDL Cholesterol
* Excess Water Retention
* Suppression of natural testosterone production

Commonly used oral Dianabol steroid is very popular. There are several dianabol reviews posted online so far. It is the common intuition and ability to judge, a reader has to decide upon what all is true and the fabricated ones. As a simple thing if this drug has n-number of side-effects then why it is still there in the market for the last five decades. Users have witnessed increased strength in recorded time with its use. Muscle mass as increased along with recovery. It has also helped in increasing the metabolic rate with preserve lean tissue.

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